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Office 2019 vs. Office 365? Which should you buy?

office 365 vs office 2019

Looking to buy office 365 or 2019 ? the right software to increase your productivity. Both office 2019 and office 365 provides the best in class and highly secure productivity apps. Primarily, that makes it undeniably the best choice to carry out our work in terms of communication, collaboration, or writing for most of us. Believe me when I say that it is quite challenging to decide as to what to buy for your office work from Microsoft itself. The reason behind it is just that every application, every update and every kind of assistance provided is the best in the field. And what is more complicated than selecting the best out of the best?


Such is the case with Microsoft’s Office collection. The competition is highest between Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2019. Why? Since both tend to provide you with essential productivity features; the differences between them play a significant role when you want more than just the usual. Let’s begin with Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365

Versatile approach: Microsoft Office 365 is a suitable choice for an individual who wishes to utilize everything the software has to offer. It also comes with the perk of being able to use all that on various devices simultaneously. You also have the liberty to share your account with other people.

Flexibility of License Plans: The best feature associated with Microsoft Office 365 is the flexibility it provides in terms of license options. You get to decide which plan sets you right and you can go ahead with it. These plans may be non-profitable depending upon your choice of plan, which is again an excellent characteristic on its part.

Also, the great interface it provides for business emailing and cloud storage is commendable and falls under the same nonprofit plan you chose for yourself. The business market today is mostly dependent upon such softwares and business emailing being a part of it is no exception. Similarly, the scenario of cloud storage would not have been possible without this software.

Simplified Management for better experience: In another sector, it helps users in building up more simplified and secure management in their office spaces. For example, Microsoft Mobility Enterprise+ Security under Office 365 plans is a collection of tools that can be utilized to ensure data security. Along with that, it can also regulate user management is not one but many devices simultaneously.

Cost Ranges and Types : With more features to its credit, it is a great choice to go for buyers. Buy Office 365, and I can assure you; it will not be a disappointment. As far as the prices are concerned, Office 365 price ranges between $40 (Rs. 2,755) to $370 (Rs. 25,499). Office 365 plans include Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, Office 365 Business Essentials etc.

Office 365 plans are known to satisfy various personal as well as business needs that individual desires for. So, yet again I will urge you to go and buy Office 365 for a great experience.

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Microsoft Office 2019

Moving on to the next software for this article, we have another software from Microsoft that is Microsoft Office 2019. In case you happen to be a person who likes to work with the necessary tools, you can buy Office 2019.

One time investment: Unlike Office 365 plans, Office 2019 plans are perpetual which you get to use whenever and however long you want to follow your license option. It is quite affordable and comes in great use for a small organization, and work can be carried out with the necessary tools.

Low Integration of cloud services: Though when you compare it with Office 365; the integration of other essentials like the cloud services is quite low. That means though it can integrate services like One Drive; the experience is not flawless.

Limited Device Access :You can go ahead and buy Office 2019 only after much consideration. It provides the freedom to access popular applications, and monthly payments are the last thing to worry about for the buyer. But it should be kept in the mind that its functionality is limited to only one device at a time.

Status of Cloud Services with Office 2019

The primary drawback with Office 2019 is the cloud services and amongst them; cloud storage. The world is moving towards cloud-based softwares, and hence I believe, a multinational technology company like Microsoft may have rolled out Office 2019 for two possible reasons. First, to acknowledge it as the last on-premises version of Office, or they would move to cloud services in the upcoming upgrades.


Nonetheless, both of the above office applications have perks and suffer from a few issues. It depends upon the user what kind of functionalities they want for themselves. For someone who wishes to work traditionally and their job demands are also satisfied with traditional essential tools, they may consider buying Office 2019. It is following their work structure.

For people who wish to go for a more advanced job demand and would like to be innovative with their work, can buy Office 365. With features about the areas of business emailing, cloud storage and many more; it’s a whole-go-to package.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the buyer and their requirements. With personal experience I have realized that Office 365 is better option in the long run i.e., if you will be using these apps for a long time since accessibility of all applications at low cost is possible with it. Hence, it’s best to consider the work prospects and the duration for which you require the application in question.

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